Affording GCDS

At Country Day, we believe that our community is strengthened by the diversity of backgrounds, interests, and talents of our student body. We are proud of our history of helping bring the cost of attending GCDS within reach for families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. GCDS offers approximately $4.7 million annually in need-based financial aid to more than 16% of the student body. We want to partner with you in providing your child with an exceptional education that develops academic skills, character, and a sense of personal accomplishment and pride. If you believe that GCDS is the right school for your family, we encourage you to explore the ways to bring the cost within reach.


At Country Day, tuition fees include the cost of snacks, lunch, books, and all courses including athletics.

To assist families, we offer three payment plans:

  1. Tuition paid in full on or before July 1.
  2. In two installments on or before July 1 and December 1.
  3. Through enrollment in a monthly payment plan offered by Tuition Management Systems.

A non-refundable enrollment deposit of $5,000 is due upon the return of the signed enrollment contract. The deposit is credited to tuition charges due in December.

2016-17 Tuition

GradeTuition Fee
Nursery 3 Days$26,500
Nursery 5 Days$30,200
Kindergarten - Grade 3$35,600
Grades 4 - 6$36,800
Grades 7 -9 $38,300

Financial Aid

Country Day is committed to providing financial aid to qualified students on the basis of demonstrated family need. To help us determine what a family can contribute towards tuition costs, the GCDS Office of Financial Aid utilizes the services of School and Student Service by NAIS (SSS) and the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) to collect basic financial information about applicant families. The PFS is an application for financial aid which is completed by parents. SSS provides the Office of Financial Aid with a confidential statement of need based on the information provided on the PFS.

Using the PFS as a guideline, the Financial Aid Committee considers the policies and goals of the GCDS Financial Aid Program, as well as the availability of financial aid funds, when awarding aid. Aid is given outright and does not need to be repaid. Families receiving aid must reapply each year to maintain their assistance. Unless there is a significant change in annual income or available assets parents can normally expect the level of assistance to be continued from year to year.

Additional Information

Goals of the Financial Aid Program

The primary purpose of the Financial Aid Program is to support the School’s aim to maintain a balanced, diverse school community of qualified, mission appropriate students representing a variety of cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds.

What should I know before applying for assistance?

Applying for Financial Aid does not affect one’s chances for admissions. Applicants are accepted for admissions on a need-blind basis. Once accepted, a family’s financial need is determined. Awards are granted on the basis of need; there are no merit-based scholarships. The financial aid process is totally confidential. Neither teachers nor other parents know which students receive funding.

While steadfast in our commitment to helping families with demonstrated need afford the cost of a Country Day education, GCDS is a non-profit institution with limited resources. As such, the School cannot be the primary source for funding tuition costs. We expect that parents will partner with us in this endeavor. Applicants should be aware that:

  • GCDS expects parents to utilize all other sources of tuition support including available loans or gifts from family members and outside sources.
  • Parents must eliminate other non-essential expenses such as private clubs, expensive vacations, and or vacation homes.
  • Families must be U.S. citizens or legal residents of the United States.
  • Each family’s unique situation will be assessed carefully.


  • Approximately 16% of the student body receives financial aid.
  • Approximately $4.7 million in financial aid is awarded, annually.
  • Grants range from $12,000 through almost full tuition support.

How is need determined?

GCDS uses a standardized, fair, and equitable “need analysis” to determine a family’s expected contribution. Using the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) as a guideline, the Financial Aid Committee takes into consideration several financial factors including:

  • Total family income
  • IRS forms and schedules
  • Family size
  • Number of children attending tuition-charging schools
  • Investments and Indebtedness
  • Assets such as home equity
  • Discretionary expenditures
  • Unusual expenses
  • Information provided by the applicant directly to GCDS

Keep in mind that the recommendation from School and Student Service by NAIS (SSS), based on information from the PFS, serves only as a guideline. The final decision on aid awards is made by Greenwich Country Day School’s Financial Aid Committee.

Information for Divorced, Separated, or Never-Married Parents

In cases of divorced, separated, or never-married parents, both custodial and non-custodial parents are expected to contribute to educational costs and are required to submit the PFS. Lack of information from either parent may jeopardize the chances of receiving financial aid. In cases where one parent cannot comply, the custodial parent should submit a letter of explanation.

Other Sources of Tuition Assistance

Families may utilize the K-12 Private School loans offered through Springstone Financial, LLC.


To request additional information about the GCDS Financial Aid program, or to have your questions answered, please contact Cheryl Plummer, Director of Admissions and Financial at 203.863.5610.

How to Apply

How to Apply

Step 1: Starting November 1, the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS), the application for financial aid, can be submitted online at Applications for both prospective and current GCDS families are due by December 15.

  • $48 application fee. Fee waivers available for families in need.
  • You must include the GCDS ID number, 3580, on your PFS application.
  • You may find the Family Guide to Financial Aid helpful.

Step 2: Upload the following required documents to SSS between November 1 and December 15.

  • Copy of 2015 1040 Income Tax Return and all supporting schedules
  • Copy of 2015 W-2 form(s)
  • Copy of 2016 1040 Income Tax Return with all schedules and W-2 Form(s) when complete.

Grant notification is in March.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • November 1: PFS available online at
  • December 15: Financial Aid application (PFS) must be submitted
  • December 15: All supporting documents must be submitted
  • March: Financial Aid Award Notification. Applications received after December 15 will be considered on a rolling basis. Please be aware that funds may not be available for late applicants.
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