Message from the Headmaster

September 15, 2017

Dear Members of the Country Day Family,

At our opening faculty meeting, our teachers were asked to write down three words which epitomized “The Country Day Experience.” Overwhelmingly, their response was community.

We are so proud of the community we have created on Old Church Road. The protection and enhancement of our community are two of our most important duties, and, to that end, we believe strong communities take care of all their members, past and present. This includes open and honest communication, even when the subject might be painful. That is why we believe, though many decades have passed, it is important to inform you that an allegation of sexual misconduct by a former teacher in the late 1960s and early 1970s has come to our attention.

We believe the responsibility to our community (past, present, and future) is to show our commitment and support to any past victims of abuse. Thus, we write to you today to encourage anyone with information regarding any incident of sexual misconduct, regardless of when the incident occurred, to contact Adam Rohdie directly at 203.863.5650 or We understand that this is a difficult subject to discuss, and it is important that you know that we make this request from a place of great empathy and care.

GCDS is completely committed to adhering to the highest standards of student safety on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting background and reference checks, mandated training for all faculty and staff, and ongoing professional development. Our school fully complies with all federal, state, and local laws with respect to prevention, reporting, and investigating sexual misconduct. We also believe we have an obligation to seek out and address instances or allegations of sexual misconduct that may have gone unreported to us in the past.

The decision to undertake this review was not made in haste. After much discussion, we concluded that this allegation opened the door for Country Day to join so many of our peer schools in shining a light on a topic that was previously kept in the shadows. Now is the time for our community to come together once again to support each other. Initiating this review is a first step in that process. We know that as we support each other we will only strengthen our community, which we all hold close to our hearts.

Adam C. Rohdie
Daniel W. Offit
President, Board of Trustees
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