College Counseling

Andy Ramirez, Adam Rohdie

Andy Ramirez of Dalton School Appointed Director of College Counseling at GCDS

The opportunity to create a new high school allows us to draw the best and brightest to GCDS, and we are excited to announce the appointment of Andy Ramirez as Director of College Counseling, beginning July 1, 2018. Currently the Director of College Counseling at The Dalton School in New York City, he brings a wide and deep experience to the GCDS community.

Mr. Ramirez spent the first half of his career as an Assistant Dean of Admission at Princeton University and Associate Dean of Admission at Bowdoin College—reading thousands of applications, understanding student profiles and transcripts, and identifying how students can distinguish themselves—and then utilizing that understanding throughout the second half of his career as Associate Director of College Counseling at Princeton Day School and Director of College Counseling at The Dalton School. At Dalton, in addition to managing the office and advising students, Mr. Ramirez served as the college athletic liaison, guiding prospective student athletes through the recruitment process for NCAA Division I and III institutions. His track record at Dalton speaks for itself, and Andy’s experience is especially valuable as we design our high school curriculum and program. His robust network and understanding of what resonates with colleges distinguishes GCDS in our efforts to advise, prepare, and advocate for our students in the college admissions process.

Mr. Ramirez attended the Governor’s Academy and Williams College and deeply values the independent school experience. He has the qualities we look for at GCDS—he’s energetic, innovative, kind, and caring. He has a good sense of humor and really connects with the students. Those characteristics and talents make him someone students want to be around and to learn from. Those same qualities are also why he has such strong connections throughout higher education. He goes the extra measure for each of the students he works with, and there are numerous instances where his outreach to an admissions office on behalf of a student has made the difference.

Reflecting on what excites him about this unique opportunity at GCDS, Mr. Ramirez noted:

“In many ways, I’ve used my experience as an Admissions Officer to help students understand that colleges are not only looking at traditional measures of success—grades and scores—but are also making decisions based on who is going to add to their community. Knowing how quickly and dramatically the world of higher education is changing and being able to apply that knowledge to creating a new high school is an exciting opportunity and one that can put us at the forefront of schools. GCDS can shape a unique experience while staying true to its foundational values as a school. It’s always been my belief that the more a child is well-known in their community, the better their experience will be throughout the college admissions process. I see this as a partnership with parents, teachers, coaches, and students. It is an opportunity to collaborate.”