Dear Future GCDS Students,

If you have had the good fortune to see the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, you know the refrain: "How lucky we are to be alive right now."

In thinking about your high school options, not only is it an exciting period (and maybe a little scary), your timing is great--how lucky you are. Greenwich Country Day School's Upper School is a transformative experience built on solid foundational values and designed to help you thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Many teenagers laugh when their parents go on and on about when they were younger--a time when music was barely portable, pictures took days to develop, phones had long cords and were fixed to walls, and career paths were largely known and mostly predicable. Today's world is vastly different and far less certain. We designed our Upper School to prepare you for a future where change will be the norm and adaptability will be essential.

As a student, you will be both a consumer and a creator of knowledge. We'll help you find natural connections between traditional subject areas and engage in deep and joyful learning. You'll think critically and creatively across subject matter; pose and pursue meaningful questions to solve complex problems; work collaboratively in order to plan, manage, and produce high quality work; communicate with purpose, clarity, and insight; explore interests, build purpose, and persist through setbacks; and understand how you learn and know how to direct your own learning.

Our teachers love learning and care deeply about your growth and needs. As is the case in all grades at GCDS, in our Upper School you will be well known and valued. We'll guide you as you develop a strong moral compass that will steer you throughout life's adventures. And we'll do all of this on our beautiful, new 42-acre campus, which will enhance your journey every step of the way. From Orientation Week to Seminar class, to a yearly three-week intersession, to a Junior Thesis, our educational approach is crafted for the world you inhabit today and the knowledge, skills, and dispositions you will need for tomorrow.

You're lucky to be choosing your high school right now. We welcome your interest in Greenwich Country Day School's Upper School and hope to partner with you in this exciting time of your life.


Dr. Chris Winters
Head of Upper School, Grades 9 - 12