Upper School

Upper School

At GCDS, our facilities are designed to support your interests and growth.

In both formal and informal ways, they promote interdisciplinary learning, collaboration, and community.

Facilities: Phase I

GCDS Upper School

The first phase of our high school construction is fully underway on the Stanwich Road campus. When we open our doors for orientation in the fall of 2019, we will have completed a three-story central building, with a makerspace, science labs, and an open and inviting commons area. Extensive renovations to the existing academic spaces will also be complete, as well as the addition of a new kitchen and dining hall.

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Upper School collaborative spaces

Upper School commons

Upper School dining hall

Facilities: Phase II

This second phase of construction will include a stand-alone arts wing with studios for 2D and 3D arts, a black box theater, 22 new academic classrooms, and a Performing Arts Center, with a 500-seat theater, dance studios, choral room, and instrumental music rooms. With permitting, these additions are slated for completion by September 2021.

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Art Studios

Upper School Art Studios

Choral Room

Upper School Choral Room

Performing Arts Center

Upper School Performing Arts Center

Our program is designed to help you discover what is finest in yourself and set your path for your future. We invite you to visit campus and learn more.

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