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We are always on the hunt for some helpful Tigers. You can volunteer to be a class secretary, be a member of the Alumni Advisory Council (AAC), help with your class reunion, or be a regional coordinator. If you'd like more information, please contact Dee Orsino at 203-863-5644 or

Alumni Advisory Council (AAC)

The Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) was established to support GCDS and engage alumni through programs and services that further the work of the school. Pictured: AAC 2015-16.

Image: Alumni Advisory Committee 2015-16

Alumni Council Mission
To Strengthen Connections with Alumni and GCDS

By Shahryar Oveissi ’95
GCDS Trustee and Chair of the Alumni Association Council

At GCDS, we consider our alumni valuable members of our community. We encourage you to stay connected with classmates and with other alumni, and our goal is to facilitate these lifelong connections between alumni and Country Day.

Under the leadership of Anabel Pérez Wills, director of alumni relations and development, and Liz Orum Duffy ’98, our new director of the annual fund and alumni relations, the Alumni Association Committee has been restructured and renamed the Alumni Association Council (AAC).

The Council’s mission is to establish a vehicle for alumni outreach and support, and to foster meaningful connections between alumni and GCDS. For many alumni, myself included, the school holds a special place in our hearts. The lasting relationships we have made and the lessons we have been taught helped to shape us and make us the people we are today.

With the creation of the AAC, the council is seeking to recruit additional alumni members to help strengthen its outreach. The AAC is a body that serves as a lifelong support network for alumni, and has broad influence on programs and services for former students. Alumni elected to the AAC are expected to provide significant leadership and support to GCDS and the alumni body. Whether it’s an alum participating in Alumni Weekend or a young alum looking for coaching and mentoring in their search for a new job, or simply an alum wanting to reconnect with an classmate or teacher, the AAC would like to help by serving as a conduit. GCDS has always been a family school, and the connection between Country Day and its alums is one that should always remain strong.

The AAC will also look to highlight the achievements of individual alumni, as well as groups of alumni who have gone on to form business or professional relationships with one another.

There are already so many examples of how these partnerships and lifelong friendships transform into professional relationships. Paige Corbin ’02 said it best: “The Country Day alumni network—people are so loyal to it. It definitely has real value because GCDS is such a unique place. Anytime there is a unique place that people are passionate about, then there is always a good strong alumni base.” The AAC’s vision is to amplify how these connections are made and allow these connections to have a greater impact on alums.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the AAC, or you would like to get more involved, please email Liz Orum Duffy at