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Students Take the Lead

By Laura di Bonaventura, Director of Sustainability

On campus for Earth Week this year, we got into the green groove! Children showed their love for nature in so many ways. Many students took the lead to create and carry out activities.

Let’s take a look at the fabulous goings on each day.

Mandala Monday kicked us off. Earth Week Monday is nature art day. Students noticed and collected natural treasures: shards of rock, bendy sticks, gauzy feathers, brilliant flower petals, spongy mosses—they saw beauty everywhere! Then they arranged their marvelous collections in circles, or mandalas, with the utmost care. What spectacular symbols of the earth—of nature’s symmetry and balance—of the universe! There are so many natural Nature Artists at Country Day!

Dig In” Tuesday! On an absolutely glorious Day 2, we tucked into food choices and their impact on the earth. By 7:30 a.m., students in the EarthRise club were serving hot coffee in the Upper School. Tenth grader Carmie Zuniga had emailed a stirring call to action about coffee cup waste. Upper School coffee drinkers had really missed coffee service during covid, and students seized the opportunity to help folks go reusable!

On Old Church Road, Middle School students enjoyed a sunny picnic lunch of PLANTS! Yes, yummy vegetable fried rice and lo mein. (Delicious chickpearich Indian lunch in the Upper School, too!) In second grade, we learned that plants take less water, space, and fertilizer to produce than animal products. Fourth graders did a Kahoot quiz on Food Facts, while other grades explored how food waste is a global concern. Right before lunch the Sixth Grade squeaked in a Sustainabili-hunt! Blitzing from one campus feature to another, they learned

children woke up early and walked with faculty, staff, and parents to Old Church Road from: 1) Old Greenwich’s Perrot Library, 2) Greenwich Library, 3) Doubling and Dingletown Roads, and 4) Rockwood Circle. An enervating journey with lots of happy chatter. Middle School teacher Ethan Parsons, who chaperoned the walk from Old Greenwich, had the honor of the longest walk—roughly six miles! Sixth grader George Belshaw even rode his bike to school by himself for the first time! EarthRise president and junior Ella Brahmst joined the Doubling group and befriended younger walkers.

Arriving on campus, the groups were met with music and Mr. Rohdie in his Tiger Trousers! “Wock on!”


At GCDS, students learn that people and nature are interdependent. We act in ways big and small to enjoy and sustain our beautiful home, and to advance a stable and productive society. Graduates leave believing that they can make a difference and that together we can do great things.

At GCDS, every week is Earth Week.

Go Tigers! Go Green!