Endowment Funds

The Endowment Fund is the foundation that sustains the stewardship of our resources and our legacy for academic excellence. The Endowment Fund is an important source of income used to support the operating budget and minimize tuition increases. This fund is made up of contributions plus accumulated earnings that are held in principal and invested by the school.

Throughout the school’s history the Endowment has grown and brought financial stability to GCDS. These funds are used to support faculty salaries, provide classrooms with state of the art equipment, upgrade technology in all three divisions and provide maintenance to the campus as determined by the Board of Trustees.

The Greenwich Country Day School has a number of donor-established endowed funds restricted to a specific purpose.

To discuss Endowment Fund gifts, contact Susan Kelly at (203) 863-5643 or sukelly@gcds.net.

List of Endowed Funds

1926 Society Endowment, Planned Giving

Class of 2000 Endowment
Class of 2001 Endowment
Class of 2005 Endowment
Class of 2006 Endowment
Class of 2007 Endowment
Class of 2008 Endowment
Class of 2009 Endowment
Class of 2010 Endowment
Class of 2011 Endowment
Class of 2012 Endowment
Class of 2013 Endowment

APPLE Endowment
Gene Rankin Endowment
Quasi Endowment

Memorial Endowment
Edward L. Hicks Memorial Fund, Upper School Math/Athletics
Hannah Smith Memorial
K. Bjornson Memorial Fund, Trees
Lawrence Kalmbach Memorial Fund, Boys’ Lacrosse Award
R. Clark Memorial Fund, Field Trips
V. Peters Memorial Fund, Library
Steven G. Mann Memorial Fund

Auction 07 Mandarin Chinese
Kurdziel Family Instrumental Music Endowment
Orient Express Arts Fund, Arts and Playground

A. Haebler Fund, Developmental Learning Salary
Developmental Learning Program, Faculty Salaries

Broadbent Endowment Fund, Science Projects and Faculty Enrichment
China Care Endowed Faculty Chair (Dalio Family)
DCE Endowment, Faculty/Diversity/Financial Assistance
Douglas J. Lyons Endowment for Faculty, Faculty Development
Endowment for Faculty 2000, Teaching Excellence/Campus Faculty Housing
Faculty Child Scholarship Fund, Faculty Children Scholarship
Harry Hoffman Endowment, Faculty Salaries
Judy and Fred Wilpon Faculty Endowment, Faculty Salaries
A Greek Odyssey Auction 2001, Co-Teacher Salaries
Other Endowment for Faculty, Faculty Salaries
Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Endowment, Faculty/Staff Merit Bonuses

Auction 2004 Endowment for Financial Aid
Auction 07 Scholarship
Burden Endowment for Diversity Students, Financial Assistance - REACH
Endowment for Students 2000, Financial Assistance
Post 2000 Scholarship Fund, Financial Assistance

Endowment in Honor of Christopher H. Frantz ’79, Professional Development
James Arden Endowment Fund, Professional Development Projects
Professional Development Fund, Professional Development
Windfall Auction 1985 Fund, Professional Development

Endowment for Technology 2000, Technology

Judy O. Higgins Endowment for Lower School Developmental Learning Program

D.L. Fitzgerald Award, Middle School Award
Jack O. Snyder Memorial, Middle School Award
M.S. Oliver Fund, Middle School Award

Frederick J. Dennis Fund, Upper School English Award
Walter A. Davis, Jr. Fund, Upper School Math Award
Floren Basketball Award Grade 9, Upper School Award
Pyrma Vezina Lacrosse Award, Upper School Award