Grades 6 - 12 Mon - Fri at 3:15 - 4pm with Coach Turner



Running Technique 1

Coach Allen and Coach Turner

Running Technique 2

Coach Allen and Coach Turner

Full Body Workout

ABBY Yotts

Boxing Workout

Pat Scanlon

Workout for GCDS Athletes

Dr. Karen Sutton with Hospital for Special Surgery and Team Physician for Greenwich Country Day School
Alex Joseph with BlueStreak Sports Training

Core Series

Will Turner

Tabata Style Workout

Tim Helstein

Strength 4 - backpack

Will Turner

Plyos 2

Will Turner

Mobility 2

Will Turner

Injury Prevention Series - Ankle (basic)

Abby Yotts

Injury Prevention Series - Ankle (advanced)

Abby Yotts

Plyos 3

Will Turner

Plyos 4

Will Turner

TAC10 Volume #2 - Plank Ladder Challenge

Tim Helstein

At Home Strength 3

Will Turner

Mobility 1

Will Turner

At Home Strength 2

Will Turner

Body Weight 1

Will Turner

Full Body Towel Workout

Tim Helstein

Body Weight 2 - outdoors!

Will Turner

Couch Stretch Series

Will Turner

TAC10: Tiger Ab Crusher Volume #1 - Ten Minutes of Core Work

Tim Helstein


from Coach Turner

Day 1

A1 - Body Weight Squats 3x20
A2 - Pushups 3x20
A3 - Shoulder Taps 3x10 each

B1 - Hill Sprint or Stair Sprints x10
Rest 45-60 seconds between reps

C1 - Broad Jump - 30 yards in as little jumps as possible, 3 sets
Rest 2 minutes between sets

D1 - Front Plank 3x30s

D2 - Straight Leg Sit Ups 3x10

D3 - Deadbugs 3x20s hold each side

Day 2

A1 - World’s Greatest Stretch 3x5 each

A2 - Single Leg Hip Bridge 3x10 each

A3 - Walking Lunge 3x10 each

B1 - Stair Circuit - complete 10 reps of each exercise, rest for 30s b/w each. Complete 4 sets, 2 minutes rest between sets
1 - Stair Bounds
2 - Double Leg Jumps
3 - Pogo Hops
4 - Lunges (up the steps, two steps at time)
5 - 1 Leg Jumps

Day 3

Body Weight Circuit
- Instructions: Complete all exercises and reps with minimal rest b/w exercises, rest 1 minute after each round. Complete 5 rounds.

 - Jump Squats  x10 reps 

- Walking Lunges x10 reps each

- Pushups x10

- Power Skips  (jumps for height off one leg) x10 each

- Shuffle  x20 yards each direction

- Front Plank x30 seconds

- Side Plank x30 seconds each

- Shoulder Taps x10 each

- Split Squat isometric hold x30s each

- Broad Jump x5