GCDS High School
September 2019

Learning that Matters

GCDS will set a new standard for excellence with an innovative, co-educational, college-preparatory program.

At GCDS High School:

  • Learning will spring from inquiry, the pursuit and application of deep content knowledge, and the challenge of solving complex problems with real world relevance and impact.
  • Core academics will be organized around the Humanities (English, History and Philosophy, World Languages, and Visual and Performing Arts) and STEM (Science, Math, Technology, Engineering, and Design).

  • Advanced coursework will be applied in real-world experiences:
    • Internships in sophomore, junior, and senior years
    • Annual three-week intercession for research, projects, and expeditionary experiences
    • Integrated Advisory and College Counseling Program
    • Exhibitions and performances of student work to an audience of experts, peers, and community members
  • Vibrant co-curricular, arts, and athletic programs will be integral to the learning experience.
  • Students will reach their highest potential in a diverse learning community where:
    • Character and civic engagement are cultivated
    • Health and well-being are essential to success
    • Everyone is known and valued

GCDS High School will have grades 9 - 12 and 400-450 total students once fully enrolled: 100-115 per class year. For 2019-2020 school year, we anticipate approximately 175 students enrolled.


Dr. Chris Winters appointed Head of Upper School, grades 9 - 12

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Andy Ramirez, Adam RohdieAndy Ramirez of Dalton School appointed Director of College Counseling at GCDS

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Tim HelsteinGCDS announces Athletic Director and Athletic Advisory Council

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Preparing young people to learn, lead, and thrive in a world of rapid change

We've intentionally designed a program where learning is integrated across disciplines and activities, inside and outside the classroom, in ways that are challenging, relevant, and equip students for success in higher learning--and in life.

Through inquiry, analysis, public speaking, transdiscipinary experiences, and opportunities to present their work in exhibitions and apply their learning to real-world situations, GCDS students in grades 9 - 12 will gain a strong academic foundation and acquire critical skills, habits of mind, and confidence.

Upper School Themes

Every grade level will be designed around themes that build on one another progressively, such as personal identity, global perspectives, leadership, and stewardship. In eleventh and twelfth grade, students will be able to develop their interests and passions through specialized learning opportunities, including off-campus internships.

Intersession: Expanding Perspectives

During three weeks in January, all students will participate in a skill- and knowledge-building Intercession, where they'll explore topics in depth, engage in internships, develop student-designed projects, and expand their view of the world through travel.

Becoming Ethical Citizens of the World

Our pedagogy and curricula seek to bring forward multiple perspectives, disciplines, and voices as a means to deepen learning, creatively solve problems, and develop empathy--all to help GCDS students graduate as engaged, ethical global citizens.

As we design the GCDS High School, our aim is to help young people become learners, leaders, and citizens with the knowledge, mindsets, and skills that matter most. Last fall, Headmaster Adam Rohdie and the leadership at GCDS began working with Stephanie Rogen, Principal and Founder of Greenwich Leadership Partners, to envision a high school program that will best prepare our graduates for a rapidly changing future. In partnership with the Board and Administrative Team, Stephanie is helping to facilitate a process that ensures we build on GCDS’s enduring values as we boldly design for the future. In early March, we had an opportunity to speak with her about the key questions that guide this work and why GCDS is uniquely positioned to set a new standard for excellence with an authentically student-centered, co-educational, college preparatory program.

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Better Together: N-12

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