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As one enters the GCDS Middle School, you cannot help but feel you are walking into a home. The family of teachers creates a nurturing atmosphere where children are encouraged to take intellectual risks, develop new passions, and think independently.

Through a rigorous and rich curriculum, students are asked to problem solve, draw conclusions, debate, discuss, collaborate, and listen to others. Small class sizes enable teachers to challenge and support students through varied modalities. Academics alone, however, are not nearly enough for our children to stand on. The four pillars of a GCDS education include: academics, arts, athletics, and character.

We believe the Arts foster more flexible and creative minds. Arts also allow students to express themselves to their peer group and teachers outside of our classrooms. Middle School students are exposed to art, music, computer, woodshop, library, and graphic design as part of their core curriculum. In addition, children can choose to be part of our Middle School chorus and band, with over 85% of our fourth through sixth graders choosing to be in our elective band and/or chorus. That number demonstrates the respect given to the Arts.

On the athletic fields, Middle School children begin to learn what it means to be a valuable part of a team. Our Athletic Department offers a program which builds confidence and enables children for a lifetime of physical activity. Physical skills for multiple team sports are developed during the fourth and fifth grade years, and in the sixth grade, students choose sports to play on interscholastic teams. In the Middle School, it is not about wins and losses, but instead about sportsmanship, commitment, trying your best, and bringing out the best in others.

Theodore Roosevelt said it best when he declaimed, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” At GCDS, character and TIGER PRIDE stand on equal footing to our other programs. Through intentional curriculum, character classes, town meetings, and teachable moments, GCDS strives for all to put character and community at the forefront of their thinking.

Rick Columbo, Head of Middle School

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