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GCDS and Stanwich

Better Together: Nursery - 12

On November 20, 2017, Greenwich Country Day School and The Stanwich School entered into an historic agreement to consolidate the two schools.

In September 2019:

  • GCDS High School (grades 9-12) will open on the current Stanwich Campus - including students from Stanwich, GCDS, and new students.
  • Stanwich students in grades nursery - 8 will be welcomed onto the GCDS Old Church Road Campus.
  • We will organize our nursery - grade 8 structure as follows:
    • N - 2
    • 3 - 5
    • 6 - 8

Our shared core values, exemplified by GCDS TIGER PRIDE and the Stanwich Seven, are the foundation on which we will build. With deeply committed and caring families, faculty, and staff, and our wonderful students, we know that we are Better Together as one GCDS community, ready to embrace the important opportunities before us.

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