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Headlines: Middle School Performing Arts (Beauty and the Beast)

It has been almost 102 weeks to the day that we had our last live performance of the Middle School Musical. While we continued to keep the magic of our arts program alive for our audiences virtually, our students did not have the benefit of interacting with a live audience.

Just before the spring recess, our middle school students returned to the stage to perform in a musical in front of a live audience for the first time in two years!

To hear a live audience roll with laughter or to see parents jump to their feet in a standing ovation brought tears to the eyes—and motivated our young actors to respond to and engage with the response. Our middle school students were so excited for their performance of Beauty and the Beast and they absolutely crushed it!

We hope you enjoy this short video highlighting the appreciation our students have for being able to engage with a live audience!


P.S. We hope you will join us next week as our Upper School presents their musical—Mamma Mia!