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Headlines: Middle School Student Voice

I recently read an article that surveyed America's deepest fears. I was not surprised to see that snakes had moved up two spots, and germs and disease had now made the list. That said, still sitting alone at number one was...
public speaking...a full two notches above death! Yes, that's right, Americans fear public speaking more than death!

This article reminded me why we are so intentional about our public speaking program. Not only is it about the writing process, but it also focuses on guiding our students in finding their voice—figuratively and literally, recognizing how powerful their ideas, perspectives, and knowledge can be, and how to overcome—or at least manage—their fears in speaking in front of an audience. 

These are real world skills. Inevitably, when I speak with alumni, some who graduated more than 50 years ago, they each reflect on experiences in public speaking and the development of communication skills as among the greatest benefits they received at GCDS.

Once again, our Middle School crushed it this year; the presentations students created were absolutely inspirational. I hope you enjoy this short video highlighting this process!

~ Adam