Swim Program

GCDS Lower Camp

Swim lessons are provided as part of the GCDS Summer Camp experience for campers ages 4-13. Lessons are an additional option for campers age 3 in our Busy 3s offering. Lessons are provided on-site at the Old Church Road campus, working with swim instructors from Sportsplex of Stamford.

Ages 3–7

We are continuing our amazing partnership with Sportsplex of Stamford to provide our youngest campers with swim instruction that meets their needs. 

  • Lessons are provided twice a week in a small group format (4:1)All campers are evaluated to determine their swim readiness.
  • During lessons, students are grouped by ability and invited in to the pool for 1 on 1 instruction.

Below are ability level descriptions for ages 3-7.  Please select your child’s swim level on their enrollment application.

Water Safety and Primary Skills:
This class will help children to feel comfortable in the water. Skills to be introduced: water adjustment, buoyancy, unassisted floating, entering/exiting the water, front/back kicking, and using arms for short distances.

swimming lessons at GCDS Camp

Stroke Readiness: This class will
teach basic freestyle (breaking
to the side), backstroke, water
treading, full submersion, and to
retrieve objects under the water.



Stroke Development: This class is designed to perfect the freestyle and backstroke. The breaststroke is introduced and practiced extensively.



Ages 8 – 13This program is designed specifically for our older campers. This expanded swim program will focus on stroke progression through the implementation of skill work, drills, and games.

  • Lessons are created and led by our WSI certified Waterfront Director
  • 1 on 1, small group, and large group instruction are utilized 
  • Activities are age-appropriate and tailored to each camper’s needs and abilities
  • An element of fun is incorporated into the lessons  to ensure all campers enjoy their time in the pool!


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Parents may request a friend to be placed in the group with their child. Every effort will be made to honor these requests, however, please note that it is not possible to guarantee this placement.

For more information about the Sportsplex swim program, visit Sportsplex CT's website or email Lyly Fernandez

Safety & Health Protocols

  • Swimmers are expected to wear masks when entering and exiting the pool area 
  • Swimmers may remove masks while participating in swim lessons and free swim, maintaining social distancing while in the pool
  • All swim instructors and lifeguards are expected to wear masks while on duty and in group settings

    Contact our camp directors for more information.