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Center for Public Good 
Grant Programs

Jon Bates Environmental Stewardship Grant

Guiding legacy: A deep, abiding, and joyful regard for our planet, guiding a lifetime of dedication to preserving the wonders of nature.
Purpose: To support work in conservation efforts, environmental immersion experiences, research projects, and advocacy work.
Applicants: Students Grades 6 - 12, Alumni in higher education, Faculty and Staff

Jack Jepson Cultural Connections Grant

Guiding legacy: The energetic, authentic, informed, and personal pursuit of understanding and engagement in other cultures.
Purpose: To support student work and learning of cultures through immersion and exchange experiences.
Applicants: Students Grades 6 - 12

To support the Jon Bates Environmental Stewardship Grant or the Jack Jepson Cultural Connections Grant:

On the form below, select "GCDS First - Endowment for the Center for Public Good" as the designation and indicate in honor of "Jack Jepson" or "Jon Bates" in the tribute field. 



If you wish to make a pledge payment on the previous capital campaign, Reaching for Tomorrow, please call Bonnie Rosenbaum, Development Associate, at 203-863-5640.