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Athletic Calendar Alerts - Email

Parents can subscribe to receive athletic alerts by email when games are cancelled, postponed, or changed. They can also subscribe to receive game scores.

How to Subscribe to Email Athletic Alerts

Step 1: Log into the Parent Portal.

Step 2: Go to the Athletics Schedules page on the website and click the yellow alarm bell icon to the right of "Upcoming Games."

screenshot of clicking alert icon

Step 3: Find your child's team in the list and click the blue "alerts" button to the right of that team name.

Screenshot of choosing team for athletic alert

Step 4: Choose your alert settings and click the green "Update Settings" button.

  • To receive notifications of game cancellations and changes, keep the "Cancellations/Postponements/Changes box checked.
  • If you do not want to receive a reminder email before the game, uncheck the "Reminder" box.
  • If you do not want to receive an email with game scores, uncheck the "Score/Results" box.

Screenshot of saving alert settings

You are all set and will receive email notifications for this team.

Subscribing to Additional Teams

You can subscribe to receive alerts for multiple teams by following the same process.


If you encounter any difficulties, please email support@gcds.net.


If at any point you would like to unsubscribe from an athletic team's alerts, see instructions here.