One thought can inspire others

One thought can ignite passions

One thought can impact the world

It’s how we think

The only co-educational, independent Nursery - Grade 12 college preparatory day school in Greenwich, Connecticut

A single thought begins a journey of exploration and can be the source for igniting passions, inspiring others, or making an impact.

That’s why GCDS champions the true individual and supports the power of thought in all they do!

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Think big
by redefining rigor
At GCDS, rigor has been redefined to move beyond simply acquiring knowledge and skills, to include intellectual challenge and application of knowledge—creating a learning experience that is more engaging and empowering; learning that sticks.


Learning at GCDS springs from inquiry, the pursuit and application of deep content knowledge, and the challenge of analyzing and solving complex problems with real-world impact.

Our program cultivates learning and achievement in a community that fosters joy, personal connection, inclusivity, and the genuine belief that each student has a unique and valuable perspective to offer.

by building character
From the school’s inception in 1926, building character and developing a strong moral compass has been a foundational tenet of a GCDS education.


At GCDS, we embrace TIGER PRIDE as a reflection of the spirit of our community as well as a vehicle for explicitly teaching character traits and community expectations.

As an acronym, TIGER PRIDE, represents core values including, being Thoughtful, Inclusive, Generous, Empathetic, and Respectful, etc. Tiger Pride also represents our appreciation of and dedication to our responsibility to the greater community and the natural world as core to the learning throughout a student’s time at GCDS.

by creating community
Creating a caring community is a core component of our mission to enable students to discover and develop what is finest in themselves.


We know that establishing a sense of true belonging optimizes learning.

And so, we are intentional about providing opportunities to build community in the classroom, on the field or stage, as we gather for assembly or celebration, and in acts of service for the broader community. An environment of trust and respect enables all members of our community to develop the confidence needed to take creative and intellectual risks.

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