Our students come to school every day, eager to learn, work, and play alongside their peers and teachers. They arrive with a strong sense of self and the confidence to interact with their peers, establish friendships, and discover the world around them.

UES students are known and loved by the caring adults they meet in all elements of our program. This sense of community, belonging, and connection with the adults around them, is at the foundation of everything we do. Our teachers actively create a positive and inclusive learning environment where all students thrive. From the attention they pay to the individual needs of their learners, to the variety of teaching and learning strategies they use to engage and challenge students, our teachers are dedicated to the success of their students. 

Our faculty create a hands-on, interdisciplinary, and collaborative learning environment and are experts in guiding and facilitating students in the learning process. They go above and beyond in creating engaging and interactive lessons that capture the interest and curiosity of their students. In our classrooms, creativity is valued, resilience is cultivated, and the health and well-being of every student is essential. 

As our students progress through the Upper Elementary School, they emerge as strong advocates for themselves and their communities. With a deep understanding of the power of community, they leave us with the tools to make the world a better place.

We are thrilled to welcome your children to the Upper Elementary School at GCDS!

Nina Basinet
Upper Elementary School Division Head

Photo of students in historical outfits

Our Signature Experiences

Students in the Upper Elementary School participate in a carefully designed collection of signature experiences that complement, expand, and strengthen the impact of our academic curriculum. These signature programs support students' learning, promote their development of identity and community, and nurture a healthy sense of self.

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Foundation for Educational Achievement

The UES program reflects the capacities we strive to cultivate in all of our students, as described in our GCDS Portrait of a Learner. The UES curriculum has been crafted into learning experiences aligned with our Design Principles. The GCDS concept of TIGER PRIDE plays an integral role in our culture. 


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