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Grades 9 & 10
Foundational Skill Building

In the grade 9 and 10, students enroll in full-year academic courses in English, History/Social Science, Mathematics, Science, World Languages, and Seminar.  In addition to a curriculum that honors tradition and established forms of teaching, our foundational curriculum includes a concurrent innovative project-based approach. This facilitates students’ development of capacities in project management, complex research, problem identification, and information synthesis.


Grades 11 & 12
Research & Application

In grades 11 and 12,  students build upon their foundational skills and knowledge to pursue a wide range of courses designed to mirror the challenge, responsibility, and depth of college-level seminar and research courses. These advanced courses in STEM, social science, and the humanities fields join with our signature academic programs to offer our students opportunities for advanced research and study in fields of interest.

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Course of Study

At GCDS, our faculty blends traditional and innovative methods, resulting in a personalized learning experience.

To cultivate and support the goals and interests of each student, the Upper School offers a dynamic, rigorous, and expansive curriculum. Our program challenges students to build the foundational knowledge and skills across the STEM and Humanities fields required for admission to the nation’s leading colleges and universities.

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