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GCDS Athletics

Character, competition & confidence

Whether you're looking to compete at the college level, to challenge your personal best, or to just have fun and be healthy, our coaches are here to inspire and help you discover your potential.

field hockey

"Our athletic program is going to be strongly competitive right off the bat, but more importantly we're going to be successful. We're building our athletic program on character, unity, teamwork, selflessness, and dedication."
- Tim Helstein, Athletic Director

Tim Helstein, Athletic Director

Interscholastic Sports

As a student-athlete, you'll pursue and achieve excellence. We're proud to always compete the right way: demonstrating sportsmanship, teamwork, and character.

Offered for 2020-2021
Fall Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Field Hockey, Football, Cross Country, Rowing, Volleyball, Water Polo
Winter Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Squash, Girls Ice Hockey, Boys Ice Hockey, Boys Swimming, Girls Swimming, Wrestling
Spring Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse, Baseball, Golf, Sailing, Softball, Rowing, Tennis

Team & Fitness

At GCDS our high school program is committed to helping you pursue your passions. We have broadly defined our team and fitness requirements because we understand:

  • the crucial lessons of being on a team--of contributing to a larger effort where the success of the whole depends on the contribution of each individual--can be found on the robotics team, as a cast member in the musical, and in the jazz ensemble, as well as on the lacrosse field
  • that there are many ways to keep fit and be active

Interscholastic sports fulfill both the team and the fitness requirement. But if you want to fulfill your team requirement by being on the debate team or on the lighting crew for the drama production, then there are many ways for you to fulfill your fitness requirement--yoga, spinning, hiking, strength training, and more.

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