We couldn't do what we do without our marvelous parent body.

Adam Rohdie, Head of School

Parents as Partners

At GCDS, we consider ourselves a family school and families have confirmed this when they say that GCDS feels like an extension of their home. This comes down to the emphasis on character throughout all aspects of the school day, and the care and compassion with which our teachers interact with each child. 

We believe that our success relies heavily on maintaining a close collaborative relationship with our parents and guardians. We seek not just to communicate with them, but to collectively collaborate on how best to meet the needs of their children. 

  • Our families are supporters of our school mission statement and values; advocates for their own and other children in the community; and collaborators through feedback and conversation on the educational program
  • Family engagement is ingrained in our curriculum through their participation in projects, exhibits throughout the school year, and student-led conferences.
  • Our focus on frequent two-way communication allows for transparency in a child’s progress and provides our teachers with the parent-guardian perspective of the unique challenges and aspirations of each student.
  • Our Parents Association is exceptionally active and always looking for new ways to reinforce family participation and strengthen the sense of community at GCDS. 
  • Parents of Alumni continue to support our school long after their children have graduated, citing the tremendous impact the GCDS community has had on their families.  

Together, faculty, staff, and families are partners in preparing our students to be confident, caring, empathetic, and impactful citizens.

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