We give our athletes what they need to compete and show sportsmanship at the highest level. Our state-of-the-art athletics facilities, including turf fields, tennis courts, and a fitness center, provide our students with the resources they need to excel in their chosen sports and support their overall athletic performance

Teams and Schedules

Explore our athletic teams in the Upper and Middle schools to see how our student-athletes compete at the highest level and embody sportsmanship.

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A Holistic Program

There are many factors that can influence an athlete's ability to perform on the field; we educate our students on areas like nutrition, sleep, recovery, hydration, and mental skills– areas that often determine how an athlete feels and performs. 

Meet our Athletics Department

Our coaches and Athletics faculty at Greenwich Country Day School are dedicated to providing students with the guidance and resources they need to excel in their chosen sports and to develop as athletes and individuals.

Athletics Stories

Check out our social stories to see the day-to-day events, games, and activities happening across the Athletics at GCDS.

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