Lower Elementary School Students learning through play outdoors

Our Signature Experiences

Our N-2 signature learning experiences are core to your time in Lower Elementary School. These programs foster curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning in our young students and help to develop positive habits that will enable them to be and do their best.

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Foundation for Educational Achievement

The Lower Elementary School (LES) program reflects the capacities we strive to cultivate in all of our students, as described in our GCDS Portrait of a Learner. The LES curriculum has been crafted into learning experiences aligned with our Design Principles. The GCDS concept of TIGER PRIDE plays an integral role in our culture. 

Our students are curious and creative, and engage in deep and joyful learning.

As our students explore their interests, they learn how to ask questions, share ideas, and communicate their feelings.

Developing empathy for others, and noticing and celebrating our similarities and differences, is intentionally woven throughout classroom experiences.

Children learn to view mistakes as learning experiences that provide opportunities for problem-solving and creativity.

The Lower Elementary School’s  developmental program is designed to meet the needs of young children, knowing that each child is unique and will develop on their own timeline.

The Preschool classrooms are intentional, flexible, reflective, and connected. They prompt relationships, communication, collaboration, and exploration.

We believe that each child’s educational success depends in large part on families, teachers, and administrators working closely together.

We build experiences that support young children’s budding creativity, empathy, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Our lower school students working together

Connected Learning from Nursery to Grade 2

LES Faculty & Staff

Our students have a natural interest in the world around them, and under the guidance of our caring and dedicated faculty, we help students explore their world and develop an understanding of themselves and their relationships to those around them.

LES Stories

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