The Performing Arts program maintains a supportive, nurturing atmosphere for beginners, while instilling rigor and challenge throughout the N-12 experience, allowing all performers to reach their finest individual potential. From the interested novice to the pre-professional, there is an offering for every student! With numerous opportunities to share their talents, both in school and beyond, students discover passions that provide inspiration for a lifetime.

Theatre Arts: Drama & Musicals

The Theatre Arts program encompasses all areas of on-stage artistry, design, production, and performance. From Nursery, students perform on a stage. Main-stage musicals are performed at the Upper Elementary, Middle, and Upper School divisions. In addition, the Upper School program includes showcase performances, Intersession intensives, and Thesis performances. Students excel at developing their skills for not only the enjoyment of the Theatre Arts, but also the ability to pursue collegiate and career pathways in performance and design. 

Performing Arts Stories

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