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Our Upper School Interscholastic Athletics program offers a wide array of sports teams with both Junior Varsity and Varsity levels. Each program focuses on three main aspects of student development:

  1. Displaying Tiger Pride to teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and fans.
  2. Providing student-athletes with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete at the collegiate and/or professional level.
  3. Developing what is finest in one’s self.

As students participate in one or more of our athletic programs, lifelong skills are shaped and invaluable lessons are learned through competition, training, and guidance from our experienced coaches. Here at GCDS, student-athletes hold each other to an elevated standard of accountability, teamwork, and showing up as the best version of themselves daily. In our commitment to the pursuit of excellence, Tigers are not only encouraged to achieve the highest level of individual and team athletic success, but also to bring their best selves to the classroom, practices, and competitions. As a GCDS athlete, a student is embracing the opportunity to be an outstanding role model for their teammates and Tigers of all ages. 

Our coaches and athletics staff are here to prepare our Tigers to succeed beyond the GCDS campus in both life and athletics. As we establish our Upper School programs in the NEPSAC, FAA, and MIFL conferences, we look forward to welcoming student-athletes who want to make history, forge traditions, and create a legacy for future generations at GCDS. Our Tigers are not only student-athletes, but also trailblazers, every day displaying that we are ready to compete at the highest levels in Upper School Athletics and beyond.

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"Our athletic program is strongly competitive and committed to bringing out the best in each of our athletes. It reflects the values and mission of our school and is anchored in character and unity. GCDS coaches are known not only for their skill in developing teams that excel, but also for the way they help our student-athletes grow as individuals who make a positive difference in our community. "
- Tim Helstein, Athletic Director


Tim Helstein, Athletic Director


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