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Questions and Information Required for CPG Application

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General Information
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Grant Request Specifics
Destination and/or Activity
Dates (From/To)
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Grant Challenge Questions (answers 250 words or less)
1. Describe your program with passion:
2. What fires you up about the program you imagine doing?
3. What impact do you hope to make?
4. How would you GUESS that this experience might change YOU?
5. What about your planned experience makes you nervous?

Estimated Cost
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About CPG and Grant Parameters

Center for Public Good Mission:
To nourish our innate desire to make the world a better place,
To learn about society and its needs,
And to be inspired to take action.

The Center for Public Good offers four grants to be awarded annually. GCDS students (grades 6-12), GCDS faculty and staff, and GCDS alumni currently enrolled in higher education may apply for a grant by completing this application form and submitting it on or before May 17 of the current year.

Decisions will be communicated by May 24.


  • Financial award: amounts may vary up to $5,000 per grant
  • Length of time: flexible
  • Partner(s): Applicants must identify an organization with which they will work/serve/travel
  • Presentation: Each recipient will deliver a presentation of their experience to members of the GCDS community (in person or via Zoom)

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Individuals who apply but are not selected for a CPG grant are welcome to reapply. However, they will not necessarily receive preference over new proposals that are submitted in future years.
  2. Grant funds may not be used to pay for the cost of family members or other companions who may accompany the recipient on an adventure.
  3. Unused funds may not be awarded as cash.
  4. All submissions must be within the maximum amount (i.e., the amount requested cannot exceed the maximum for that fund).
  5. Although timing is worth mentioning as a consideration in a proposal, it cannot be a major factor in evaluating applications; if it were, grants might be awarded on the basis of the most compelling annual circumstances rather than on the basis of individual merit.
  6. A plan that is simply a recreational vacation does not fit the spirit of growth as outlined in the grant criteria. Also, purchasing tangible goods does not qualify.
  7. Under current IRS regulations, grants may be taxable as income in the year taken, so recipients may be liable for taxes on the full amount of their grant; please keep this factor in mind when budgeting.