Our school-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion programming serves as a catalyst for intellectual development and a means of fostering the growth of each individual’s capacity for self-awareness, citizenship, and leadership in a global society. We recognize this work is never-ending and we continually create brave, developmentally appropriate spaces for community members to explore all aspects of identity. 

Our collective commitment to honor human dignity is sustained, developed, and evaluated through anti-bias and anti-racist practice and pedagogy.

A photo of our community of students and faculty


We become a stronger community when we:

  • Nurture meaningful learning through interactions and collaborations between people of diverse and intersecting identities, including but not limited to, race, ethnicity, socioeconomics, religion, gender, sexual orientation, family structure, age, ability, and learning styles. 

  • Embolden empathic, culturally competent leaders who celebrate and value a diversity of life experiences and identities, actively listen to new perspectives, and appreciate and respect the uniqueness of all individuals.

  • Develop community members who are willing to examine themselves and reflect on their role, in the context of inequality in our world and in our school. 

  • Foster advocates and allies, who can identify injustice and thoughtfully participate in creating pathways to positive change.


DEI is for Everyone

GCDS aims to engage the entire community in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programming. Ongoing events, workshops, and resources are offered for all family and friends of Greenwich Country Day School. We view DEI as an ongoing journey, and invite you all to join us! 

The DEI Team

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